Dog Dopp Kit

Dopp kit. What a funny name. According to Wikipedia, “Dopp kits were once a common gift given to adolescent males as they ascended from boyhood to adulthood.” Instead, I gave my father one as he ascends into … late middle age? Happy birthday, Dad! I also made him a throw pillow using the same Premier Prints fabric. He likes dogs.

To create this fabulous Dog Dopp kit, I followed these instructions from the Purl Bee blog.

I didn’t have quite enough material, so my kit is a little smaller than Purl’s. Also, I got kind of lazy. So I skipped adding the bias tape you’re supposed to use to cover the seams inside the kit. Instead I clipped the seams with pinking shears.

I like the dogs, but it might work better to use a pattern that doesn’t care which way it gets turned. The kit is made from just one piece of fabric, which means that some of the dogs are upside down when the kit is right-side up.

And here are the dogs that inspired this Dopp kit — the loves of my dad’s life — Jack and Pearl.

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