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How to Make a Hanging Lamp Almost from Scratch

A couple of months ago, I got really excited about an old hanging lamp I found on Ebay. I had been looking for something to replace the ceiling lamp we had hung above our television, and this seemed like just the thing — a nubby, yellowish-pinkish glass globe suspended by an ornate cast metal holder and a long chain. The cord, I knew, would have to be replaced, but I figured that would be easy. I hemmed and hawed, and finally bid and won.

The lamp arrived exactly as described, except for one major detail. The metal holder was broken. One of the set screws that keeps the globe in the holder had ripped clean through the metal. So the lamp was pretty much useless.  The only salvageable piece was the glass globe. I was heartbroken. Continue reading


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Haute Dog

Soren and I spent last weekend in Baltimore, aka The City that Reads, The City that Breeds, and The Greatest City in America. (It’s also the city where we first fell in love.) I’m here to bestow a new moniker on Baltimore: The City that Houses the World’s Best Hot Dog. I kid you not, this hot dog will blow your mind.

Here’s how you make a normal hot dog. First, grab a pasty white bun, slit it in half. Then, slip in some inferior pale pink meat tube made from pig ears and chicken lips. One line of ketchup, one line of yellow mustard, and you’re done! Here’s how you make the best hot dog ever. Continue reading


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