Movin’ On Up

I’ve been in full-on nesting mode ever since I got married. That means tons of small upgrades to our apartment. This deer head hook is a recent addition. I only ordered it because I wanted to get free shipping on a shower curtain (I’m a SUCKER for free shipping), but I’m so glad I did. I love the little guy. Initially I thought he should go in the entry to hold my keys. But he seemed more at home in the bedroom, so he became Soren’s hoodie hook. Yes, my husband still wears hoodies. 

Here’s another shot so you can see him (and the hoodie) in his natural habitat.

The photo hanging above the dresser, a gift from Soren’s parents, is a new addition too. Those are the Montana mountains where we got married. If you could zoom in, you would see the barn where we tied the knot. (Please ignore the wall color. I know. It’s terrible. Like yellow teeth. Like smoker’s lungs. Like baby vomit. Ok, maybe not that bad.)

We also replaced our couch. Because we’re adults now. And we can do things like that. We had been using a couch Soren’s parents bought when Soren was just a tiny tot. Despite being decades old, it wasn’t in bad shape. But I didn’t love the color or style. Also, the seat was too deep for my (apparently freakishly short) legs.

Soren was kind of heartbroken about losing his childhood couch, but he manned up and went shopping for a new couch with me anyway. Turns out couch shopping is kind of fun, even for someone who hates shopping. All he had to do was sit down on comfortable surfaces over and over again. After much indecision (on my part), we finally settled on this dark gray beast.

The before shot was taken in 2009, right after we moved in. As you can see, a lot has changed. We bought a rug. The before lamp immigrated to the dining room and picked up a new shade. The yellow lamp came out of the closet. We bought an end table. The Ikea media stands are gone. So is the old coffee table. The fake wood blinds, however, are still there. Sigh. They came with the apartment. What are we going to do about those horrid blinds? Suggestions welcome.

I gave the bathroom a tiny facelift too. For years, I’ve been living with a palm tree shower curtain. Once upon a time I loved it. But with time that love faded into something more like apathy. Then tragedy struck. I accidentally (ok, kind of on purpose) bleached it.

The palm trees, which had been normal shades of brown and green, turned orange. At first, I thought it looked pretty hot. “It’s retro,” I told myself. But my initial glee quickly turned to loathing. Orange palm trees, ugh! So I ordered a new one. Much, much better. Awful rental toilet not included.

Then, because I’m rarely satisfied, I decided our coat rack needed an upgrade. I stained the plain, unfinished pine a dark ebony and gave it a coat of polyurethane. And I also painted the entryway a light gray — Behr’s Subtle Touch.

Next I’ll give our living room a Subtle Touch makeover. And then I’ll reupholster that green platform rocker. Our apartment is — slowly but surely — getting cuter.


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