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Riding the Air Plant Bandwagon

Compulsively reading design blogs has a downside. You begin to spot design trends. And then, when you like a trend, you start to second guess yourself. Do I ¬†like XXX because I actually like it, or because it’s trendy? Your new love of XXX becomes something mildly shameful, a symbol of your sheep-like tendencies. Why can’t I have my OWN sense of style? Why must I love what everyone else loves?

But I’m here to say eff it! You love what you love. And who cares if it’s trendy. Case in point: I have fallen head over heels for air plants. Continue reading

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Office Makeover

I am an incredibly lucky freelancer. Although I live in New York City — a place notorious for cramped apartments and ridiculous rents — I have my very own home office. It’s not big, but it’s all mine. And it used to be a pretty sad space.

Sad, sad junk yard

You can’t tell from the photo, but this tiny room held two desks, two bookshelves, two filing cabinets, and a bunch of other random crap (that black thing sticking up behind the ‘before’ is Soren’s guitar case). Cramming all that in was quite a feat when you consider that I had to work around the room’s three doors (two entrances and a closet), two windows, and one radiator. In the above photo, you’re looking in from the hallway. I should have taken a few more shots of the old office, but you can’t blame me for not being inspired. My office needed a major overhaul. And FINALLY it got one.¬† Continue reading


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