Bedroom Reveal

Remember the contest I won . . . the one where I got some help redoing my bedroom. Well here’s the big reveal.

Ta-da!!! See that paint color? That’s Glidden’s Dolphin Grey. I thought it was going to be gray. Nope. It’s totally lavender.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me give you a little recap. In July, some folks from Apartment Therapy and Glidden showed up to help me make over my bedroom. They brought a film crew to tape the whole process. And Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely played design guru. See the video here!

It ended up being a very long  day. Especially when we realized that the second gallon of paint was WAY darker than the first. And then somebody had to run to Home Depot. But we also had a ton of fun. Nicole was really great, and I had a blast joking around with the video crew.

Below: Realizing that Dolphin Grey is actually pretty purple. Maybe it’s not exactly what I was going for, but I think it’s a definite improvement over the yellow.

Here are some more before and after shots.

Most of the redo involved painting and moving our old things around, but Nicole did have a small budget to purchase a few new items for the space.

  • A lamp from West Elm
  • A throw pillow from West Elm
  • And this piece of — ahem — art from CB2.

The pillow and lamp we kept, but the “art” had to go. I tried to love it, but I really, really didn’t. In fact, I felt the opposite of love. And Soren wasn’t so keen on it either. I believe his first words were, “Holy sh&t!” quickly followed by “What the f%#@ is that?!”

So we gave it away to a very nice math teacher who really, really wanted it (he had the matching abacus).

We made a few other changes too. The dressers are back where they were. The yellow lamp migrated back into the living room (where it’s really needed). The art above the bed went back to the wall where it originally hung. And the throw pillow Nicole bought ended up in the living room (Soren takes a hard line on the number of pillows allowed on the bed).

So basically our room looks just like it did, only purple.

This isn’t Nicole’s fault. She had an impossible task — redecorating a room she’s never seen for two people she doesn’t know. She couldn’t have known that Soren sleeps on the right side of the bed and uses the tall dresser —  his dresser — like a bedside table. She couldn’t have known that I tend to leave my dresser drawers hanging open, thus creating a safety hazard when she moved my dresser to his side of the bed. She couldn’t have known that we would hate the art. She couldn’t have known any of this because she doesn’t know us. Nicole did a great job making the room look fabulous. But we had to do a little redecorating of our own to make it work for us.

Stay tuned for the bedroom re-redo.

UPDATE: I have received a ton of feedback on this post, and I realize that I should have explicitly stated that I was happy with the redo. Yes, I hated the art. Yes, the color was more purple than I thought it would be. But, overall, I really like how the room turned out. The color has grown on me. And, yes, I moved a few things back to where they were, but that didn’t have anything to do with aesthetics. I also want to point out that this wasn’t a redesign where we started with a blank slate. In both the before and after you’re mostly seeing my own stuff. Is it the stuff I’d chose if I were starting from scratch. Maybe not. But who has that option?


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34 responses to “Bedroom Reveal

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  2. Jakke

    The purple is ugly. Should have kept the original color.

  3. Jakke

    The color is overwhelming and there is too much going on. It just looks like a mess. You need to learn to edit.

  4. I actually like the color so much better than what we had, so perhaps we just have different taste.

  5. I actually think the room looks much better than before, with art work, the new paint color and the dressers switched.

    • Thanks, patricia. I liked the dressers switched too, but my husband wasn’t on board. We talked about swapping the contents of our dressers, but his is bigger to compensate for his smaller closet, so it wouldn’t have been very fair. I also loved the way the yellow lamp looked in the bedroom, but I love the way it looks in the living room too.

  6. townhousetanya

    I’m a reader of Nicole’s blog and I love design makeover shows in general, so her brief makeovers were fun to watch. But I always want to know what happened behind the scenes, so this was so exciting to read.

  7. I like the gray/purple. If it’s anything like my bedroom gray/purple (which is a touch darker and grayer, Behr Stone to be exact) it looks completely different depending on the lighting, and without seeing it in person you might not realize that. And your furniture is great, regardless if it ends up needing to be reorg-ed a little bit. Cool pieces with a nice character. And nice little free-to-you West Elm accents.

    • Emily, it’s very much a lighting thing. And it depends on where you’re looking in the room. The brown of the wood dressers makes it look more grey and the red curtains make it look more purple, I think. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Andi

    Well, the room is ugly both ways. What I don’t understand is why you opted to do this when you both had so many ridiculous rules for making it work.

  9. Jackie

    I like them both. From a design perspective, the after results are more successful, but the before shots look sunny and perfectly wonderful as-is. Like the comment above, I don’t really understand why you would volunteer for this type of thing if you were not open to the process (I’m sure someone else would pounce at the opportunity)…plus, it was already a perfectly fine room to begin with. Just the same, it’s your space, your home, do what YOU think is best!

    • Jackie, I think I was open to the process. Mostly this makeover was about painting and choosing paint colors. Despite the color being more purple than I anticipated, I ended up really liking it and I plan to keep it. I ended up liking the look of the dresser swap too, but we moved them back just to make things more functional for us. The only thing I wasn’t so excited about was the art.

  10. I also came here from Nicole’s blog, and am kind of surprised at some of the rude comments on here! I love your purpley gray, and am honestly amazed that this worked out as well as it did with all the restrictions you all had. It is so hard to choose a paint color without seeing it in a space in all different lights, and my mind is blown at the idea of letting someone else choose my art for me. So kudos for getting as much out of it as you did and I can’t wait to see what else you’ve done with it!

  11. Amy

    I love the lamp with the polka dot shade that you have on the taller dresser! Could you share where you got it?

  12. I read Nicole’s blog often and I’ve got a whole house to paint VERY SOON! Anyways. WOW PEOPLE, RUDE MUCH? As if we all don’t have our own little quirks for how we like to set up our bedrooms? Seriously. I’m not a huge fan of the art piece either but I can’t say I hate it at all- its just not to my taste- I love that you gave it to someone who would love it rather than trashing it, etc.

    I was looking at the different angles of the room- have you tried different furniture and art on different walls? Just remember, nothing is ever really static. As for the lamp and art- I kind of believe in cultivating. Wait to find the right pieces! They’ll find you! The color is pretty and I’m glad to see you keeping it.

    As for the rudeness, really people. Manners. They get you a lot of places.

    • We have tried moving the art around, and will likely continue to play with it. Nicole suggested that having a headboard and sconce lights would really make the room feel finished. I’m thinking of trying to DIY a headboard like this one.

      Since the room is so small, there aren’t very many ways to arrange the furniture. The room has a window and three doors that we have to work around.

      • Our room is weird like that too! We have strangely placed windows, our closet is in a bizarre place and there’s this weird divider that ‘extends’ part of one wall. We had to try things out a few ways & are still trying to find the right ‘fit’. So yeah, furniture can be a weird thing, right! Like I said, that piece of art isn’t for everyone. I’ve got a kind of eclectic aesthetic and like some ‘modern looking pieces’ but can still be hard to find the right fit.

        A headboard may be perfect to tie things together. I personally might consider different curtains too, that’s just me. I’m still amazed by all the negative feedback, like I said, manners people! Cussing people out because they want to change something? Really- it’s like people have no filters online sometimes.

  13. Don’t sweat the rude comments, as I’m sure you’re not. After all, in your picture of realizing the purpleish color of the paint, you look cute, amused, and adaptable. I’m impressed at how generous you were to give the art piece away. I don’t think I’d love it in my bedroom, but knowing how much it’s worth, I don’t know, I think I would have a hard time giving it away. You obviously have a great grasp of your own style, and your room is beautiful.

    • Thanks for the message. We talked about selling the art, but I liked the idea of someone else benefitting from our “win.” I had five emails within 10 minutes of posting it on Craigslist. And the guy that emailed first was super excited and super sweet.

  14. I actually like the wall art, but I can see why someone else wouldn’t. I think your room looked about the same (on a level of how “stylish” it is) expect that the purple paint is terrible for anyone who isn’t a single woman. I think the best thing for your bedroom would be a headboard for the bed. I’m really surprised this wasn’t added, and I hope when you redo it that you will.

    • Hanna, thanks for your comment. This contest wasn’t designed to be a major redo. The biggest change was the paint. Nicole had a very small budget to buy things for the room, so that’s why she didn’t get us a headboard.

  15. Tara

    I think this room looked homey and cozy both ways. I’ve used the Dolphin Grey paint before, and can totally understand why you’d be surprised night fell and it magically transformed itself into lavender. I do think it’s still lovely though, just not quite the neutral it paraded around as on the color swatch.

    To the negative feedback, I have to say I’m really surprised. Most of us who daily browse through design blogs can understand how personal our own aesthetics are, and what a huge difference small changes can make (kind of Glidden’s point, right?). I found your honest feedback refreshing. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need to love it.

  16. tough breaks all around! it sounds so exciting to win a make-over (and be able to do one for someone!) and a little disappointing with the realization that not having time to get to know each other just is recipe for, well, disappointment. though on the sunny side of the street it sounds like you and your man found out what you do and don’t like and can be a united front on the next make over . . . and you didn’t actually have to do any of the painting ; )

    • plumednest, I wouldn’t even say I was disappointed. I liked most of the changes we made (minus the art, of course). Moving things back was more about making the room functional for us. And I didn’t get out of painting. We all pitched in 😉

  17. plumednest — My fault for not being more explicit. I added a little note to the end of the post to make my position clearer.

    Lady *S* of Glitter — Ah no! Not the curtains!! I just sewed them. *sob*
    But out of curiosity, what would you put up instead?

  18. That art is terrible! I saw it on the MIL blog and thought so, which is why I came over to see your thoughts. You were a REALLY good sport considering how it all turned out.

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