Pantry Updates

Welcome to the most boring room in the house — the pantry. But now consider this. I live in an apartment in New York and I have a pantry. And that pantry includes a washer and dryer. Jealous?

No? You own a sprawling house with a pantry, AND a basement, AND tons of closet space, AND a guest room, AND a kitchen floor that DOESN’T make you want to weep with shame? What’s that?! You have a fireplace too? You bastard! (Just kidding, I still love you).

As grateful as I am to have a pantry, I’ve struggled to figure out how to arrange things. Junk tends to accumulate in the bare spaces. So I made a few updates. Can you spot the changes?

Yes, the changes are subtle. And the pantry is difficult to photograph.

1. I painted the walls. They were a lovely color I like to call chainsmoker yellow. Now they’re white. Snow white. Virgin white. Chlorox white. Here’s a tip: Don’t use off-the-shelf white to paint walls. Pick a nearly white color off the paint chips. True white is blinding. But you probably already knew that.

2. I replaced the over-the-door hooks (which kept the door from closing) with an actual pot rack mounted above the door. Pot racks can be heavy, and I have had NO luck finding studs in our plaster walls. (In fact, I’m convinced our house is magic and we don’t have studs). But it turns out I didn’t need studs thanks to an amazing discovery — Walldogs. They’re screws designed to be their own anchors. And they actually work. Our pot rack is attached to zero studs, yet it’s as strong as an ox. Thank you, Walldog.

3. I replaced an old, wobbly shelf kind of like this one with a larger and sturdier rolling shelf. One big bonus is that the new shelves have a lip that keeps things from falling off. The old ones didn’t. And, of course, the new one rolls. I’m still trying to figure out how to maximize the shelf space, but I already have more storage.

4. You can’t see this in the before photo, but we used to store our extra plastic bags in a big sack on the floor. It looked junky, and it took up precious floorspace. Now I am the proud owner of a wall-mounted bag dispenser. Oh! And Soren put up a little hook for the brooms and mop. Thrilling, isn’t it!

The spice racks and wood shelves, which we put up a while ago, are from Ikea. I think they might look better painted white like the walls. And that amazing rounded cabinet, which fits perfectly in that tiny space, is a piece I stole from my dad’s house and brought with me when I moved from the Midwest to the East Coast.

Since I shot the after pictures, I figured out a new, more efficient way to store the long tinfoil and saran wrap boxes. (That’s a magazine holder.) Thanks, Pinterest!

Here’s another thought: Maybe I should make a curtain to hide the pantry? What do you think?

Or I could just get some of the crap off the fridge. That might help things look less junky. Sheesh!


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4 responses to “Pantry Updates

  1. Great job! I need to get some of those walldogs ASAP!

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  4. Marjoyce

    Love your ideas! I need some of those Walldogs. Love the little rounded cabinet from your Dad’s. You could get a tension rod to put up a curtain in your doorway. Quick and easy.

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