The Coolest Thing We Own

When my husband Soren was in his early twenties, he and his hooligan buddy Jay used to cruise the country in Jay’s Oldsmobile Eighty Eight — just two Montana boys, one enormous car, and the open road. They smoked, of course. Jay had mounted a bronze globe cigarette holder on the dashboard of the car for easy access. He’s smooth like that.

Soren eventually inherited the globe. But by the time I met him it was mysteriously broken. Too many tobacco-stained fingers yanking at the orb’s northern hemisphere had finally taken a toll. Soren tried to show me how it had once worked, but it just wasn’t the same. The explanation ruined it.

I generally don’t approve of hooliganism or smoking, but Soren loved that globe. So I found a shiny functional one on ebay, and I bought it. He was ecstatic. And we both agree it’s the coolest thing we own.

The top image isn’t Jay’s old car. His was two different shades of rust.


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3 responses to “The Coolest Thing We Own

  1. Gerry Wheeler

    In fact, Jay’s car looked like it was owned by the Blues Brothers and Soren’s uncle predicted (incorrectly), they’ll make it out of town in that car.

  2. Amber from WillsCasa.Com

    That globe is amazing! Definitely cooler than anything I own! 😉

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