Green Table Setting

I hosted Christmas for the first time this year, so I decided to try my hand at creating a fancy pants table setting. You know, one with cloth napkins. One where things match. One where everyone has at least one fork, spoon, and knife — whether they need them or not.

DSC_0006(Um, I realize that no one has any silverware in this photo. But I did put it on the table before we ate. Honest.)

So ever since I turned my dining room green, I’ve been crushing on the color hard. I can’t get enough. I wanted to work green into my table setting, but I also wanted to work with what I already had.

Originally I planned to DIY a tablecloth. I had a tan floral tablecloth that I never liked. So I decided to dye it using Rit’s Kelly Green. The first time I didn’t leave it in the dye bath long enough. Not surprisingly, it turned out barely green. So I dyed it again. BIG MISTAKE. Now it’s too green. Awful green. Nothing-like-the-color-on-the-bottle green. Hurts-the-eyes green. And patchy. DIY Fail. Rit Dye, I want to love you, but you make it so difficult.

Urban Cholita: Bad Dye Job

So I went with a white tablecloth from Ikea instead ($20!). Much better. The green candle holders are thrift store finds. My mom gave me the runner and napkins a few years ago. The white china belonged to my grandma. And the little green salt cellars are new from Fishs Eddy. Aren’t they adorable?


And of course the cookies had to match! They’re rosemary shortbread and just barely sweet. Maybe that’s why my father-in-law calls them dinner cookies.


We decided to spatchcock the turkey this year. It sounds dirty, but it’s just a fancy synonym for butterfly. You cut out the backbone and lay the bird flat. The meat cooks more evenly this way. I cobbled together a few recipes/tutorials from Martha Stewartthe Denver Post, and Serious Eats. We also dry salted the raw bird a day ahead of time per these instructions. It worked! The turkey was totally delicious.

Urban Cholita: Butterflied Turkey

We hosted New Year’s Eve dinner too. I basically recreated the same table setting, but this time I made pork and added flowers. It still looks a little bare.

Urban Cholita: Green Table Setting

I hope your holiday was filled with good food and family too.

Urban Cholita: Christmas dinner

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