Brooklyn Apartment Tour (Part 1)

In just a few short days we’ll be moving from Brooklyn, NY, to Madison, WI. I won’t miss the upstairs children with their banshee shrieks and elephant stomping (so long suckers!), but I will miss our lovely apartment.

What’s that? You’ve never SEEN our apartment? I’ve never offered you a tour! What a terrible hostess I am.

Let’s start with the floor plan, shall we? (Soren is really good at drawing floor plans.)

FloorPlanHere you are in the entry. Yes, we could use a rug. Thank you for pointing that out.


I refuse to call this a “landing strip” no matter what Apartment Therapy saysDSC_0194


The entryway leads pretty much right into the living room. LivingRoom1Here, let me show you the coolest thing we ownLivingRoom2

See that lamp hanging in the corner? I made it practically from scratch. You can too! LivingRoom3


A heavy-ass sliding door separates the living room from the dining room. But we never close it unless we have guests. And then the living room becomes the guest room. Aren’t NYC apartments wonderful!?


Yes, that light fixture was a fan. I took the blades off. It does look a little bit like a spaceship. And, yes, we could use another rug here. Lots and lots and lots of wood.

DiningRoom1 DiningRoom2 And lots of green. So much green. DiningRoom2



The kitchen is . . . just ok. I mean, look at that tile. (Shakes head). I hate it. I hate it SO much. If I owned this place, I would have ripped it up years ago. And added a tile backsplash. And replaced the countertop. And pulled down that boob light. But I’m just a lowly renter. So I did none of this. I could have painted the chainsmoker yellow walls, but I didn’t do that either. (More head shaking). KITCHEN1 What you probably can’t see is that there’s a raw edge where the tile meets the wood floor that varies in height from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch. Reeeaaal professional work. Here’s more evidence that the guys who worked on this kitchen weren’t the brightest bunch: When we moved in, they had installed the trim in such a way that it was impossible to open the dishwasher. Also, they installed the dishwasher crooked. Kitchen2



That doorway beside the fridge leads to a tiny space that serves as the laundry room/pantryDSC_0128

I’m not sure why white appliances ever went out of style. I love them. I also love our white cast iron sink. DSC_0090I’ll save the back of the house until tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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