Brooklyn Apartment Tour (Part 2)

Welcome back to the tour of our Brooklyn apartment. If you missed Part 1, or want to see the floorplan again, you can find it here. Today we’re taking a look at the back of the house: the bedroom, bathroom, and office.


The bedroom used to be chainsmoker yellow like the kitchen. But thanks to Apartment Therapy, it’s now sort of purply-gray.DSC_0075ImageDSC_0077


Those curtains hide a pile of junk. Shhhh . . . don’t tell.



I couldn’t love this shower curtain more. Three years and I’m still not tired of it.DSC_0267That little machine in the corner of the vanity is a dehumidifier. We don’t have a bathroom fan. As a result, I’m locked in a furious battle against mildew. DSC_0269


Kitty on her very favorite blanket.


My beloved owl lamp, air plants, and the pink pink bird Katie Loves You made for me. DSC_0307

Below: More curtains hiding junk under my standing desk. DSC_0287


Find more photos of the office here.

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