Much has happened in my absence. We packed up a truck, left Brooklyn, and moved to Wisconsin — a place with far less swearing and far more beer and cheese. But that’s not the most exciting part. We also bought a house! What WHAT?!

Here she is:

New House

Or at least that’s what she looked like when we first saw her in September. Back then the grass was green and the shrubbery was flowering.

Here’s what the yard looks like now.


Shoveling . . . just one of the many joys of home ownership. And actually that photo is old. We have triple the amount of snow these days. And the cold. I can’t even put into words how cold it has been. Wisconsin doesn’t fool around.


We closed on the house in mid-November, but didn’t move in until Thanksgiving. That gave us time to get some much-needed (and lender-required) electrical work done. We could have closed on the house from afar, but I convinced Soren to fly back and sleep on an air mattress that we packed in our luggage. I wish I had taken photos of the house when it was all empty and new. But I failed. Utterly. I have two photos from that trip. The first shows water seeping into the basement after a hard rain. The second focuses on water pooling in a place it shouldn’t have pooled on the porch roof. I own a home now. That’s the kind of shit I apparently care about. Oh, and did I mention that a pipe in the basement sprung a leak exactly two days after we handed over our life savings? Yup. That happened. Lucky for me, my dad enjoys a little light plumbing. 

We did manage to capture a few pictures of the move. I spent the weeks prior worrying that our belongings wouldn’t fit in the truck. Soren was sure they would. They did fit, but only just. Lucky. Very lucky.


Doesn’t the cat look thrilled? She doesn’t, of course, but she was a trooper. Fifteen hours on the road, and she barely made a peep.

What initially sold me on the house was the woodwork between the living and dining room. Look at those pillars! Aren’t they beautiful? And the light! Two windows have the original leaded glass.


This is a photo from the listing, so you’re seeing the previous owner’s style. If you look very closely, you might be able to see their oh-so-special paint job. Those walls aren’t just light green, they’re striped. One stripe of flat paint, one stripe of semi-gloss. No lie. And the dining room is beige on the bottom, tan on top. Shudder.

So you can see that this needed to happen.


For the living and dining room, I choose Benjamin Moore’s “White Diamond.” I thought white would make the rooms feel fresh and clean and light. But I’m not sure I’m sold. Perhaps I picked the wrong white. Perhaps I should have chosen another color. Perhaps I should have listened to my mother, who railed against white walls. But I’m trying not to fixate. The walls are freshly painted, and they look a helluva lot better than they did. Soren refuses to help me repaint . . . so we’ll live with it for now.


These photos don’t do the place justice. And it looks far, far better with all of our things inside. I’ll get out my fancy camera and post more photos soon, but here’s a sneak peek of the living room. I can’t get enough of that leaded glass.


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