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Bathroom Updates

Or the title of this post could be “Making the Best Out of an Ugly Rental Bathroom.” Because it is ugly. Not even cute retro ugly. More like 1980s Motel 6 ugly. Please turn your attention to exhibit A . . .

Exhibit A

Every single wall in the bathroom is tiled, and these floral beauties are scattered throughout. They match the little floral border that runs along the ceiling. Lovely, no? Yeah, no.

But retiling the bathroom is not an option. We did, however, take down the sliding glass shower door. (Actually, the shower door fell apart, we attempted to fix it, we failed, and then we took down the sliding glass door.)

No glass door means room for a shower curtain and an opportunity to add some much-needed color. The shower curtain purchase happened a few months ago. But the room needed something else. Continue reading


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Dog Dopp Kit

Dopp kit. What a funny name. According to Wikipedia, “Dopp kits were once a common gift given to adolescent males as they ascended from boyhood to adulthood.” Instead, I gave my father one as he ascends into … late middle age? Happy birthday, Dad! I also made him a throw pillow using the same Premier Prints fabric. He likes dogs.

To create this fabulous Dog Dopp kit, I followed these instructions from the Purl Bee blog.

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New Kitchen Curtains

I’ve been really loving sewing lately. Those wedding napkins were like a gateway drug to more hard-core projects. And now that I have a fancy new machine thanks to my parents, I’ve been a sewing fiend.

A few weeks ago, I sewed new kitchen curtains. The ones that were hanging in the window before — hand-me-downs from my mom — were stained, grungy, and way too short. (The terrible iPhone before picture is below the jump. See what I mean?)

So I saw this polka dot fabric at Mood and thought, “Aha! Adorable curtains.” Continue reading

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Bozeman Wedding

A lot has happend in the past 10 months (yes, it’s been nearly a year since I last posted — I have no excuse *hangs head in shame*). Here’s the biggest news: In August, I got married. Here I am walking down a Montana gravel road with my lovely bridesmaids. We’re on our way to the ceremony.

*photo by Josh Gage

Holy sh*t! I am married. I have a husband. I am a wife. How weird is that?

Actually, it’s not that weird at all. I expected our relationship to feel different, but it just doesn’t. Yeah, it was a little strange to introduce him as my husband, but beyond that everything seems pretty much the same. Which is a good thing. I think. Continue reading


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