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Kitchen Facelift Complete

DSC_0100 The kitchen is finished! Ok, it’s not quite finished. But it’s so close to being finished I decided to post some photos anyway.  Continue reading

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The Interminable Kitchen Facelift

There are a lot of houses with terrible kitchens. This is what I learned when Soren and I began house hunting last year. Some of them are just dated, but many more are dirty, dark and cramped. One house we perused online boasted a kitchen that was 8 ft x 6 ft. I’m not kidding. So when we first looked at our house a year ago, the kitchen was one of the selling points. Sure the cabinets were sort of crappy, and some of the doors had pulls shaped like forks and spoons (dear god, why!), but the room was spacious and bright. “It’s a good place to start,” I thought.


Back then I had big dreams. “Oh, I’ll just gut this kitchen,” I said to myself (and drunkenly to the neighbors at our housewarming party).  HGTV makes it look so easy. You just rip out the cabinets, pull up the tile, and start over! Voila! Brand new kitchen. I dreamt of marble countertops and brass faucets. Of white enamel cast iron sinks. Of huge islands with bar stools.

Once we moved in, I realized several things. 1. Kitchens are flipping expensive, even if you do use Ikea cabinets. 2. We are not as handy as I thought we were. 3. House projects take five times longer than anticipated. So, with my renovation dreams in shambles, I settled for a kitchen facelift. Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas . . .

Every year my parents ask me for a Christmas list. That’s right. I’m in my mid-thirties and I still make a Christmas list. Sometimes it feels like cheating. I mean, if they really knew me, would they even need a list?? But then I remember that I am very picky. And that lists are helpful. And that my parents are busy, and worried about disappointing me. And I relent.

Here are a few things from this year’s wish list:

Urban Cholita: Cool Earrings

1. Southwest Brass Earrings ($60) 2. Feathers of Fancy Earrings ($17.99) 3. Sky Earrings in Green Agate ($55)  4. Brass Tubes with Black Leather ($35) 5. Neon Dagger Studs ($16) 6. Point Me Toward the Shore Earrings ($17.99) 7. Gold Arrow Hoops ($28) Continue reading

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Swimming in Salsa

‘Tis the season. Of tomatoes. The farmers’ markets are rife with them — glowing golden orbs, green zebra-striped gems, heirlooms the color of an especially nasty bruise, and let’s not forget the more traditional beefy blood-red beauties. Seeing them piled atop one another, bathing in the early morning (er, more like late morning) light makes me weak in the knees. Their scent is intoxicating. And their taste . . . well, let’s just say it’s been a very good year for tomatoes. These plump, fresh-from-the-dirt lovelies bear little resemblance to the wan, hard rocks you find laying listlessly in bins at the grocery store come January. I used to hate tomatoes. And then I had a good one.

Saturday morning found me at the Grand Army Plaza farmer’s market wading through piles of vegetables, each one more attractive and enchanting than the last. I wanted to take them all home. But I had a list and I was hell-bent on sticking to it. My plan was to can salsa, so I allowed myself five things: tomatoes, hot peppers, regular peppers, onions, and cilantro. Stupid list! To compensate for my self-imposed restrictions, I bought vast quantities of each. Continue reading

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