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Living and Dining

Patience is a virtue, but not a virtue I possess. I understand that I should take my time decorating the new house. In an ideal world, I would work with the junk I already own and then spend the next decade accumulating one-of-a-kind pieces at thrift stores and garage sales — a distressed leather chair in the perfect shade of camel! an art deco brass floor lamp! And then, voila!, my house would be fit for a Design Sponge tour in 2024. But that’s not how I roll.

In other words, I had to buy some shit. I couldn’t not. And while our living/dining area is far from done, I no longer want to cry every time I look at it. For instance, I had to buy a rug. The one we had in Brooklyn looked so tiny and pathetic and wan in our spacious new living room. See?


It was terrible!

Here’s the new one.

Living room - urban cholita Continue reading


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Lamps, Blinds, and Beaches

A couple of weekends ago, I spotted a pair of green ceramic lamps at a yard sale. Such a lovely green. Such a lovely shape. So so perfect for my green, green dining room. “How much for the lamps?” I asked. The woman wanted $60, I offered $30. To my surprise, she accepted. (Reason #45 to hit yard sales late in the afternoon).

The lamps weren’t a steal. Both needed to be rewired, and they were shadeless. But I assumed I could rewire the lamps myself and save some money. Besides, I loved them. What’s $30 bucks when you’re in love? Continue reading

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Movin’ On Up

I’ve been in full-on nesting mode ever since I got married. That means tons of small upgrades to our apartment. This deer head hook is a recent addition. I only ordered it because I wanted to get free shipping on a shower curtain (I’m a SUCKER for free shipping), but I’m so glad I did. I love the little guy. Initially I thought he should go in the entry to hold my keys. But he seemed more at home in the bedroom, so he became Soren’s hoodie hook. Yes, my husband still wears hoodies.  Continue reading


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How to Make a Hanging Lamp Almost from Scratch

A couple of months ago, I got really excited about an old hanging lamp I found on Ebay. I had been looking for something to replace the ceiling lamp we had hung above our television, and this seemed like just the thing — a nubby, yellowish-pinkish glass globe suspended by an ornate cast metal holder and a long chain. The cord, I knew, would have to be replaced, but I figured that would be easy. I hemmed and hawed, and finally bid and won.

The lamp arrived exactly as described, except for one major detail. The metal holder was broken. One of the set screws that keeps the globe in the holder had ripped clean through the metal. So the lamp was pretty much useless.  The only salvageable piece was the glass globe. I was heartbroken. Continue reading


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