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DIY Custom Pillowcases

Urban Cholita: PillowcasesA few years ago, my mom bought me a pair of down pillows from the Hutterites. The pillows are great, but they’re an odd size. As a result, our standard pillowcases don’t quite fit. The end of the pillow pokes out like a chubby man’s midriff in a too-small T-shirt. This sliver of exposed pillow shouldn’t matter. After all, other people have Real Problems. But it bothers me. It seems . . . unseemly.

Here’s one solution that didn’t occur to me over the many months that naked wedge of pillow tormented me: DIY. Yes, that’s right. You can sew pillowcases. It’s super simple. I’ll show you how. Continue reading

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Dog Dopp Kit

Dopp kit. What a funny name. According to Wikipedia, “Dopp kits were once a common gift given to adolescent males as they ascended from boyhood to adulthood.” Instead, I gave my father one as he ascends into … late middle age? Happy birthday, Dad! I also made him a throw pillow using the same Premier Prints fabric. He likes dogs.

To create this fabulous Dog Dopp kit, I followed these instructions from the Purl Bee blog.

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