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Truly the Best Bread Ever

Ok, I know I already have a post titled “Best Bread Ever.” But my former best bread has been supplanted by an even better bread. The recipe comes from Tartine Bread, a book written by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, the baking gurus behind San Fransisco’s Tartine Bakery.

The book begins with a master recipe involving a sourdough starter that contains equal parts flour and water — what bread baking know-it-alls refer to as ‘100% hydration.’ I’m a sucker for recipes that call for 100% hydration starter because I also like to bake things off a blog called Wild Yeast, and all her recipes call for 100% hydration starter too. Convenient! (See some gorgeous bread photos on Wild Yeast’s YeastSpotting page). Continue reading


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Off the Wedding Deep End?

So it turns out I like wedding planning. I really really like it. A lot. I’m kind of obsessed. Which is why I spent part of a work day putting together a wedding inspiration board. What’s that, you ask? Just a whole jumble of pictures meant to evoke a vision. So this is my vision for the wedding.

When I asked Soren if this is the inspiration board he would have come up with, he said, “I wouldn’t have made an inspiration board.” Duh.

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